Hello, my name is Eme. I am a Health Visitor and a budding motivational life coach which is how this website was born. As a passionate life coach, I grew up wanting to be a journalist. I did my time and earned a qualification in journalism, then three other fancy degrees in Human Resources Management. subsequently Nursing and now a Health Visitor, a job which I love…. yet it seems life has other plans.

My job stretches me outside my comfort zone and the stinking thinking – what does this mean? It takes me into families with new babies and often times offered me opportunities to indulge my passion of motivating and empowering others.

Before now, I have had emotionally draining challenges in my life. I seemed blooming and happy on the outside, whilst I was pushing down fears, anxieties, insecurities, and serious self-doubt on the inside. I was on a constant pursuit for approval. I was addicted to thinking. This addiction intensified because my mind perceived there was a problem to be solved. The search was on. I wanted answers. I wanted a resolution. I must figure it out I said to myself. Then I stumbled and discovered that wellness starts from within. What an ah ha moment!

I have worked with so many families including corporate goddesses, overworked and wild-hearted women as well as budding entrepreneurs.
Helping them to gain clarity in their challenging situation and to stir up and regain their sparkle.

You are here because…
There are burning desires in your belly. I feel that too. I want to help you to glow even brighter.
There is nothing wrong with you. Keep telling yourself that. You don’t need to improve, fix, push down, play small or hide away but be ready to let go.
I believe in lifting you up and not tearing down. I believe in the joy of storytelling.
I take a stand for love.
This site is to help you unfold, peel back the layers and keep progressing.