Time Out

What would you tell yourself if you could travel back in time, sit across a table with coffee/tea and some hind-sight advice?

What question would you ask your old self?

Will it be any of these?



 Would you condition your answers or happiness on meeting every expectation you set for yourself

about the roles you play and the things you do in your lives?

Is it who you are?

Are you just a role or more than what you do?



Hugs & Kisses

Feeling discouraged or contented today?


Conflict is normal, natural and sometimes a healthy opportunity to deepen our understanding of and connection with one another. Conflict itself is not the downfall of  any relationship but how the conflict is handled can make all the difference.


So …let’s empower you to think not about your frustrations, but be happy with what you have while you  are pursuing the yet unfulfilled potential. Afterall, nothing worthwhile comes easily. You have done what you could today! Slow down. Consult not your fears but your hopes and dreams.


Tell us about today…. any accidental happenings or misadventure. Luck or fortune.