Being calm inside!

Be calm today.

Reflect and appreciate what today has really been about or?? where has today gone !

big question is..! how was your today!

Fun filled? too much drama?? humbling?? how are you today?

Whatever the circumstance, you are in the right place and everything that has happened and still happening today and now, is happening at exactly the right moment !!! It is and was meant to happen just the way it unfolds today.

So stop yearning for something different life.

Ok. agreed you had  design ventures for the future to have started today and it either did or it did not…but quit stealing  more time !

Today, you have either tried or messed up.. so what next??

are you going to try to do  more fun things that brings you joy and happiness?? I remind you..things you love to do.. those things  which are blissful to your heart and you are doing them  your own way in your own pace.

Today, begin to accept things the way there are and if loving your achievement is a big deal, just feel proud of what you have done today.

Soon the anguish and emotional suffering will begin to ease off and you will no longer be held down in the path of resistance.. worrying about the future.. you will live each day and every day knowing that you are living in the here and now ..

a path of least resistance !!

Quite a fulfilling experience..




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