Embrace self love

Being hungry for love or even desperate for it at times, can bring you heart aches, you may feel trampled upon and witness yourself tolerating people,friends, lovers, bosses that treat you unfairly or poorly- leaving you feeling victimised. Sometimes you go looking to blame someone else and make yourself out as the innocent one. Truth is ,you allow yourself to be treated the way they do because of your poor self worth. The way you see yourself is flawed with self doubt,low confidence and fear of success. So you undermine your self and  your abilities and send out the energy that attracts and encourages the “woe to me “mentality.

Meaning you settle for less and simply allow people to disrespect your worth and You keep taking because deep down inside you believe you don’t deserve any better. This is all a matter of low self esteem and poor sense of self It feels crappy when you see and feel your self esteem embbing away. For me, as a student of unhealthy, obsessing and infatuating  relationships, learning to understand that the most important relationship is the one I have with myself is quite liberating. It is freedom to feel and know that  I donot have to apologise for who I am but embrace myself with all my flaws .Loving me and what i stand for without apologies is expansion. I honour my choices – the right and the wrong ones. There are perfect choices  because  I am perfect. I am growing, evolving and taking me to a higher level. The  imperfections and the idiosyncrasies are the summary and the beauty of who I am. I am perfect. I will no longer be looking for love in unusual places  because I am Love .

Stressed?? after having baby?

Babies require a lot from you. Coping with their demands and everything else’s that’s going on around you can be stressful at times…make you feel angry, anxious, or just plain “stressed out.”

You can spend a whole day trying (and failing) to get one job done. Just as you start something, your baby wakes up, a nappy needs changing or they need a bit of attention

Sometimes you can feel as though life is completely out of control. If you’re the sort of person who likes to be in control and worries about getting things done, this can make you feel very tense and frustrated….


Spend half an hour each evening doing something you enjoy. This helps you put other things out of your mind and relax. Have a bath, read a magazine, watch TV or do whatever else helps you to unwind.

Borrow  a book, CD or DVD about relaxation from the library.

Ignore any housework!!

it can wait.

Make some time for yourself and enjoy your baby!

Seeing the good…

Imagine letting your mind unfold like an attractive map laid out on a glass table.

See with the eyes of your heart. Look for something that’s working, something sweet, something lovely, something that opens you up… Have you noticed anything good about you…   as human beings, we tend to go negative. Looking out into the world, we see the creases and the prickles.

Looking into the mirror, we see our pores and the dark circles. We see the moles and miss the dimple and miss the smile.

Seeing the good doesn’t mean we don’t see the bad, too. It means we let our eyes take in what we don’t like and invite ourselves to see what’s good there, too. We let ourselves see it all, the big picture and acknowledge that we are much more than any blunder or the flaws.

Seeing the bigger picture can be an awesome way to see yourself with more adoration. Look for the good in the mirror.. Look for the good in people, even people you can’t stand!.

Make a habit of looking for the good in you. Catch yourself looking at you with that constricted, negative view. Then step back intellectually and mentally spread out your awareness.

Let looking for the good in you and others become your default… Give yourself recognition when you’re able to look into whatever’s happening with that big perspective and a big heart.

self love

Many of us go through life flicking through the surface of our identities. That is, we don’t truly dig deeply into our thoughts, feelings, desires and dreams. Part of the problem is that we’re always on the go because…. there are always so much to do! Therefore self-exploration takes a backseat. Self-exploration is about self love. It involves  really looking at your own beliefs, outlooks, feelings, actions and inspirations and daring to asking why.  It is about looking for the origins of who we are and answering all the questions.

Having a deeper understanding of my has many benefits. It opens doors to pursuing true happiness but also in a way permits me to grow in confidence, self-belief and self-awareness.

Self -exploration helps me to appreciate, understand and accept the whole of me. What I do and why I do what I do!.  .

I am now my own best friend!

Time Out

What would you tell yourself if you could travel back in time, sit across a table with coffee/tea and some hind-sight advice?

What question would you ask your old self?

Will it be any of these?



 Would you condition your answers or happiness on meeting every expectation you set for yourself

about the roles you play and the things you do in your lives?

Is it who you are?

Are you just a role or more than what you do?