Happy new year

Hello all,

I am new to writing on line but everyone’s been doing this for years. So spare a moment to wish me well. Thanks.

New year.new beginning. New routines. New me. New you. New thoughts . Probably new ways of seeing things . Looking at things. Ignoring things. Selective hearing and responses…not forgetting spirituality. The  gym. Ah … Forgiving /forgetting those things that hurt the most !

2015. What have you got in store for us!

We are hopeful. Expectant.  Optimistic. Ecstatic .  Yet most.  Maybe some are resistant. Unsure. Stuck. Unforgiving. Fearful. Resentful . Paranoid. Hateful.  Not bothered. Worried. Anxious or just very Happy. Grateful.  Humbled. To see a New promising year!

How is Your 2015 so far?



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