Seeing the good…

Imagine letting your mind unfold like an attractive map laid out on a glass table.

See with the eyes of your heart. Look for something that’s working, something sweet, something lovely, something that opens you up… Have you noticed anything good about you…   as human beings, we tend to go negative. Looking out into the world, we see the creases and the prickles.

Looking into the mirror, we see our pores and the dark circles. We see the moles and miss the dimple and miss the smile.

Seeing the good doesn’t mean we don’t see the bad, too. It means we let our eyes take in what we don’t like and invite ourselves to see what’s good there, too. We let ourselves see it all, the big picture and acknowledge that we are much more than any blunder or the flaws.

Seeing the bigger picture can be an awesome way to see yourself with more adoration. Look for the good in the mirror.. Look for the good in people, even people you can’t stand!.

Make a habit of looking for the good in you. Catch yourself looking at you with that constricted, negative view. Then step back intellectually and mentally spread out your awareness.

Let looking for the good in you and others become your default… Give yourself recognition when you’re able to look into whatever’s happening with that big perspective and a big heart.



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