Stressed?? after having baby?

Babies require a lot from you. Coping with their demands and everything else’s that’s going on around you can be stressful at times…make you feel angry, anxious, or just plain “stressed out.”

You can spend a whole day trying (and failing) to get one job done. Just as you start something, your baby wakes up, a nappy needs changing or they need a bit of attention

Sometimes you can feel as though life is completely out of control. If you’re the sort of person who likes to be in control and worries about getting things done, this can make you feel very tense and frustrated….


Spend half an hour each evening doing something you enjoy. This helps you put other things out of your mind and relax. Have a bath, read a magazine, watch TV or do whatever else helps you to unwind.

Borrow  a book, CD or DVD about relaxation from the library.

Ignore any housework!!

it can wait.

Make some time for yourself and enjoy your baby!



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