The beauty of loneliness

Loneliness always seeps in unexpectedly.

It can arrive silently: while lying in the arms of the love of your life. It is there when you are busy measuring your body responses to the delicate touches that commands the quickening of pulse as the heart races.

Little by little, the touch that once brought sparkle to the eyes, goose-bumps to the skin of the neck suddenly begins to gradually dwindle. You begin to lean into the pull-back affection, more hugs than kiss. Longer waiting time between replies, you sit, staring at your phone — wishing calamity upon anyone who dares to text /message during the silence.  You wish and hope that it is not true.  We love each other, you reassure yourself while looking out the window whenever a car drove pass.

Loneliness is the isolation that comes with nuturing an unreturned feeling — an expectation not met.

It all started as a beautiful plan, you were in love, cared for each other, then you were left alone.

Spending time alone can be more fun when it is by choice. It only hurts if it is the result of separation or abandonment..

People who fear being alone are afraid to truely look in the mirror.

The image reflecting back at you is your own monster.. . do not run from it.. embrace it with kindness. Do not deny You.

Living in denial causes loneliness. During the light of day, with many company you fake contentment but when darkness falls and you have to be with yourself- you will be anxious, afraid and terrified.

Learn how to face the truth. Accept the consequences of your actions. Make peace within you … it is the only way to set your spirit free.



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