The beauty of love..

Love is the mysterious force that binds people to those around them.

love is beautiful. Love has many forms, and each of these forms evolves,  and changing intensity. My own experience with love comes in many forms. I love many people, and many things, all in different ways. It can sometimes be ugly, but it is always beautiful.
I’ve had a fascination with love all my life. Ever since I was a young girl I fantasized about the romantic kind of love. I used to write stories about a woman that I some day hoped to be, and how she would find the perfect man for her, her soulmate, and fall in love with him. They would have the perfect relationship and never fight. I thought that was what love was supposed to be like, and why it was so special to people.
This idea threw me for a long time. When I first began dating, I was dead set on finding that perfect kind of love, and discarded any relationship that began to seem like it wouldn’t live up. Finally, in looking at the relationships of others, I began to find that this form of love didn’t  really exist. That didn’t mean that love didn’t exist, but the love I saw around me was a messier, more complicated version. And I couldn’t find any two forms of love that were identical. Every loving relationship I saw had its own qualities and idiosyncrasies.

But that feeling you get from meeting someone  a stranger and then you realise how beautiful and magical love can be. It is one of the most exciting things that you can experience.
It is fascinating to think how you can go your whole life without knowing a person, and then when you meet them they just fit into your life and you can’t imagine how you were ever living without them. It is impossible to know where love comes from, or why, but it comes into your life and you make room for it. You are happy to accommodate it because of all the joy it brings you.

So I find the purest form of love, unconditional love, is the most beautiful. Most parents love unconditionally. It is a love so deep and unchanging, something that exists no matter what else happens in the world.
Love can have varying levels of intensity. However, loving others is one of the best ways to becoming a better person. The love you feel  for others arouses your curiosity and makes you interested in learning more about them, and as a result, you do everything you can to take care of them, this often means sacrificing the things that make you happiest.

To be more giving and selfless is an incredibly beautiful thing – it is called Love!



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