The multi- passionate You!

If you have read my About me page…you will sense that I am a multi-passionate person. It’s a gift. Most of my young life I didn’t I didn’t have an answer to the question “What do you want to be when you grow up?” my answer is always a list.. more than 3 may be 6.  Growing  older and experienced so much more, the answers grew and embarrassingly complex. To some it can look like i am a non-committal person because, I’d throw myself into something, I mean really put in the efforts then suddenly, I’d feel the need to pull off and to focus on another passion, again by throwing myself into to it…on and on it goes.
Believe me, I know and understand the rule of “commit and stick it out, no matter what”. Great rule .. but I struggle to get out and become a single passionate person. I feel weighed down.  If you are a person who is curious about a wide range of topics then you  will agree with me that you do not need to pick one of those topics to the exclusion of other interests. May be you can possibly integrate other subject into your work and retain enough flexibility to explore new ideas.

I  realised that my strengths of starting things and jumping in wholeheartedly means that I  learn better by doing and  Contrary to what the dominant paradigm would have you believe, having multiple passion  is not a weakness. To others it may appear like you are a procrastinator. Jumping around unsure and indecisive. Oh no , It does not make you jack-of-all-trades either! Having many interests can be a source of great personal and financial fulfillment, and with a bit of creativity, almost any career can be made more plural in nature. After we are human beings , very dynamic creatures. We couldn’t put ourselves into a box even if we tried.

This understanding  helps me to be less anxious of what other think of me  and how I choose to do my things. I am  less critical of me but  embrace my passions even better because, balancing life with  Career, kids, a family, a big health scare  and then feeling like it’s time to break free, move on and change things, all while trying to establish own digital platform as a business is , overwhelming for some but  I keep on going. My desire has always been to live out and to share pure living , so I explore and aim to be more creative in what I do.  I care deeply about personal development.  I am gifted to empathetically listen to people’s struggles and know what they need to hear to open them up to growth and healing not be held back by their current situations  hence, I use different methods to communicate inspiration.

So, if you’re multi-passionate person, there’s a good chance that there is a wealth of creativity residing within you. Use that creativity to come up with unique ways to incorporate your multiple passions into your vision!!

Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you. ~ Oprah Winfrey..




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